Meet Scott

Scott Fraser — “Serial Entrepreneur”. 

Does the word “Serial” scare you?    Don’t let it. 

Scott has worked since he was 6 years old.  He starting his first business at the age of 22.  Since that time  Scott has opened, run and sold several businesses.  Restaurants, Niteclubs, Petroleum Stations and Gaming Corporations… each started and run on a shoestring while he developed them into vital, successful businesses. 

His innate ability to analyze a business category, the opportunities within a market and develop profoundly effective “UFO’s” separates the business he works with from their competitors.  

As an ex-semi-pro athlete, he takes this ability to the sports arena and his skill development schools. With several Provincial Championships to his credit, Scott is a conduit for [what he coins] “self actualization through sport” – proven over and over again by the kids that he works with. 

He’s adapted his coaching strategies to the important “people” portion of his marketing — developing and celebrating the talent of the people within the companies and organizations he works with. 

Included in his portfolio are the extremely successful events, fund-raisers, and festivals that he has organized; raising over 10 million dollars for charities in a market of less than 1500,000 people. 

Scott is a proven survivor.  A proven thriver.  He doesn’t just talk it.  He’s done it.

Scott’s entrepreneurial instinct and experience adds an important dimension to the Wizard Partner pool of talent


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