Meet Jane

Jane Fraser has been a Marketing Consultant since 1988 and a Certified Radio Marketer since 1991.  Along with her client list, Jane was the Research Analyst for Chum Radio Halifax from 1994-98, delving into the proprietary research database to reveal psychographic and demographic profiles, leisure activities and media habits of the market’s consumer.  This information was invaluable for developing the archetypes for powerful promotions and messages that resonated.

Her depth of experience led to her sitting on the national committee that designed the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement “Return to Sample” survey developed to identify consumer profiles for products and companies in Canada’s major markets. 

Jane’s studies with Wizard Academy have honed her expertise as a Branding specialist.   She leads business owners and managers through a systematic process of uncovery to determine their current position in the market, long-term and short-term goals, their vision of the future and how they measure success.  Jane culls through the information for their core message, because every Wizard of Ads Partner knows, one must first determine the message, then determine the marketing plan.

Jane’s interest in Branding Strategies, Marketing to Women, Message Development and Media Buying makes her a valuable asset to the international marketing organization which is Wizard of Ads Partners(R).


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