The Other Blog You Should Be Reading! ;-)

Well, we all know how much she has to offer, but now the big guns know and are telling the whole world.

Michele Miller knows Marketing to Women.  She’s written an audio-book,  a sit-down-and-read book  (that’s really difficult to put down), she writes regularly about it, she teaches it and she knows how to make it work in the real world of business.

I’m proud to say that she is one of my Wizard of Ads Partners and even more proud to say that I’m smart enough to have taken both her courses!  but enough of tooting my own horn…

 Tom Wanek  just sent us this news flash:

Michele’s WonderBranding blog was listed in 20 Best Marketing and Social Media Blogs by Women 
In fact, they have her at #3 (and moving up fast imho)!  You can read the whole article, but in case you don’t have time here’s what they say about Michele:  “WonderBranding, Michele Miller, @MicheleMiller–Wonder Branding brings you the latest news and views on marketing to women. Michele keeps us up to date on how brands are responding to the female customer. …Read the interview with Michele Miller that I conducted earlier this year.”

and if it’s at all possible,  take the time read the interview.  She’s as smart and upfront as she appears.  And that’s a very good thing.

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