From Roy H. Williams “Monday Morning Memo” (1/4/10)

One Last Thing:
Here’s how the economy is looking on Main Street America (not to be confused with Wall Street.)

The clients of the Wizard of Ads saw a definite uptick during November and an even stronger one during December.

For the first 10 months of the year the weak economy of 2009 had everyone trending somewhat behind their sales figures for 2008, (comparing each month in 2009 to the same month one year prior,) but in November that trend gap narrowed by about 9 points.

In December, the average Wizard of Ads client in the US finished the month 16 points higher than their year-to-date trend would have predicted.

I know what you’re thinking:
“But those clients are a cut above most retailers and they enjoy, of course, better ads.”

This is true, but even the wizard’s clients are limited by the willingness of the general public to spend money.

Make no mistake: the fog of recession is beginning to lift for owner-operated businesses in the United States.

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