Music or No Music?

Music is kind of like hair color.  It should enhance the picture not detract.  The right music sets the mood and the tone of the shopping experience.  A store without music can seem empty, cold and impersonal. Music influences the whole energy of the shopping experience.  

Choosing the right music can be a challenge. 

The “right music” depends on the type of business.   Some businesses lend themselves to a specific sound and feel.  You would hardly choose Acid Rock for a spa — harp music may not 🙂 work in a skate board shop.  Unless you were hoping to terrorize Broca instead or merely surprising the little gate-keeper! 

The right music, the right staff, the clothing they wear should all compliment the image and personality of the business.  Remember, you’re going for particle stack. 

And while “the right” music often falls within a range and comes down to personal choice — control the volume level with a silk gloved iron fist.

Early December I walked into my neighbourhood pharmacy.  Two minutes inside the door and I was anxious, agitated, nauseous (am I making my point?) triggered by the blaring Christmas carols.  I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  If there had been a line-up at the cash, I would have left before making my purchase.  I literally wondered if I would have to change pharmacies until after the Christmas season.  The music was that loud.  Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of Christmas Carols but I’m not immune to their magic. 

Thankfully, the next time I dropped in the music had a supporting role to my shopping experience — present but not over powering.

So go ahead.  Choose your music — but remember — supporting role — not the lead character. Lock that volume dial.

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