Wizard of Ads Atlantic

Wizard of Ads® is different from most advertising agencies and consulting firms. Instead of tying our fee to your ad budget, it’s tied to the growth of your business.  We charge less at the start than our services are worth; it isn’t until years 3 or 4 that we start earning what we’re worth. We look for little companies that are doing a really good job at running their business and have the potential to become big companies if they had help with their marketing and advertising.  We only take on clients who want a long-term business relationship.  If, in a few years you’re not prepared to pay us 3 times, 5 times what you will pay us in the first year, please do not become a client of Wizard of Ads®.

The initial consulting fee is adjusted to account for your company’s size, growth potential and the resources needed to properly achieve your goals. Our first year fee ranges from $12,000 to $50,000 plus GST. (The majority of clients start at the lower end of the fee range.)

Scott and Jane Fraser (*sns) are valuable members of  the elite Wizard of Ads Partners who  span five countries over 4 continents.  Each partner brings a well-honed skill/talent to the table – message development, word of mouth strategies, customer experience, Hispanic marketing, optimal web presence, marketing to women.  Specialized teams are assembled by matching partner talent and experiences to fit each client’s specific needs.  Wizard of Ads Partners have access to the intellectual firepower of the complete partner base.  In other words, each team in the field is backed up by wondrous depth on the bench.  The Internet allows us to tap into the necessary manpower regardless where the partner is located… Canada; the U.S.;  Australia; the U.K. or Guatemala.

* sns — siblings not spouses!

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